The Meri Wanderer: A true form of blessings

A true form of blessings

May your scissors always be sharp,
May they never ever get lost,
May they only cut at threads,
May your scissors never rust or squeak,
May you have more than one or two!

* Link to color chart for 2007 Irish Blessing Scissors
* Link to symbol chart 2007 Irish Blessing Scissors

I have been stitching these designs over one thread on 22-30 count linens. The face of the design on these counts should cover approximately three inches by four inches. Be sure to leave enough fabric on all sides for a border to construct the ornament or frame the finished piece. The stitches are all full cross stitch. You are looking at a simulation of how the design should look in the picture above. It is not an actual stitched piece (yet).


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