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A true form of blessings

May your scissors always be sharp,
May they never ever get lost,
May they only cut at threads,
May your scissors never rust or squeak,
May you have more than one or two!

* Link to color chart for 2007 Irish Blessing Scissors
* Link to symbol chart 2007 Irish Blessing Scissors

I have been stitching these designs over one thread on 22-30 count linens. The face of the design on these counts should cover approximately three inches by four inches. Be sure to leave enough fabric on all sides for a border to construct the ornament or frame the finished piece. The stitches are all full cross stitch. You are looking at a simulation of how the design should look in the picture above. It is not an actual stitched piece (yet).


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Internet - An innovative medium to publish articles

Several silent and sometimes not-so-silent observations in past few years of personal publishing experience on the Internet have led me to conclusions about how easy it is to live less by settling for the mediocre and not exploring one's own creative journey.

Not being as active in publishing my complimentary charts as I was in the recent past does not mean I am not thinking, creating, and observing. Not all of my observations are visual. I have been quietly sitting on the bleachers secretly watching the market comprised of designers, retail, publishers and the people who purchase and stitch designs.

Secretly! Oh how I love that little word, secret! It implies something very mysterious! My "secret observations" have been resulting in just a few personal conclusions. Secret and personal they be no more, for I would like to share them with readers of The Meri Wanderer.

Being a copycat is a self-imposed sentence to a dull, boring existence and a complete waste of your own undiscovered talent. It seems that if an individual has a yearning to pick up a project or begin a design, that somewhere deep in the recesses of their imagination a masterpiece is lurking. A masterpiece belonging only to one unique individual -- yourself! A thought, a design no one else among the billions of people would never ever have thought of -- not in a million years!

Finding your personal style is a journey! Enjoy the path. Actively explore while the journey leads you to sometimes uncharted territory instead of demanding a first class seat and expecting the world to cater to your every whim. They won't, and you'll only be disappointed in other people.

Your work is not always going to be appreciated by everyone. In fact, you may be criticized, ignored and regarded as somewhat inferior by stronger talents. Ignore it completely. Enjoy your own journey. Let them have their own journey. I often think back to what a wise manager at my work once told me long ago: "Meri, your day in the sun will come." He is right. My philosophy is, "live and let live". Interviews of people in all areas of life who have "made it", often have the same answer to the question, "How did you handle it when people discouraged you?" The ubiquitous response . . .

"Ignore it".

Play by your own rules unless it illegal! Hilarious people insist you play by their rules or they toss you out of the their little game. These souls are hilarious because using any other stronger adjective would be engaging in a lose-lose battle with folks who aren't worth the fight. The goal is to maintain your own balance when others would rather you be knocked down for not thinking the way they do -- avoid that path of mediocrity!

Giving up is losing. . . . and cheating yourself. Do something every day, no matter how small, to stretch your talent. Jot down a thought in a personal journal, scribble a sketch, paint a picture. Explore. Adventure. Go into your world and look, really look! What is life saying to you? Are you listening, or are you demanding it say only what you want to hear or else you will close your ears and your eyes in stubborn retaliation.

Detours can be adventures, too. Sometimes you are rocking along your path, enjoying the scenery, doing what you were meant to do, expressing your talent. Suddenly the road is blocked and the journey is detoured off a beaten path. Wonder what turn you made to wind up at this desolate place? Forget that and get out the camera, open the sketchbook, write in that journal -- an adventure is just beginning. Everyone else is missing out! They don't even know it!

Creativity rocks. Look for ways to stay inspired and creative. Inspiration does not have to be something that only well-known talents enjoy. Often it can as simple as looking out your own window. I have a new complimentary chart on my drawing board. Hopefully, you'll see it here later this weekend. This morning I got inspired by just looking at winter off my balcony . . .

. . . anyone want a cup of snow?